2 Non-profit organizations have been created to support Rishi Shri Rajivji's travels and Satsangs:

-        "Satsang met (with) Rajiv Misra" in the Netherlands/Holland, Europe
-        "SSC", Seattle Spiritual Community in Seattle, WA & Hawaii, USA


The organization "Satsang met Rajiv Misra" was founded August 15th, 2002 in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The purpose of the organization is to develop awareness in everyone about their true nature which is love and peace, so as to develop peace, joy, harmony, caring and sharing in the whole community/society/the world.

 This insight can be realized by becoming aware of a universal “being” in every being. Everybody can realize this. Religion, race, life-style or circumstances do not matter.

 The organization tries to achieve its goal by:

 a)     Organizing Satsangs with the spiritual master Rishi Shri Rajiv Misra. 

Satsang is a coming together in the presence of the master who himself realized what is mentioned above. This can happen in groups as well as individual.

 b)     Inviting Rishi Shri Rajiv Misra in order to guarantee the continuity of the giving of Satsang so the above mentioned goal can be achieved.

His unique clarity and total devotion make it very accessible/available to realize that peace and happiness are our true nature. He teaches simple, divers and very innovative. Also he is the living example that this truth can be lived and may be of service to humanity and all beings.

 c)     Making available the teachings of Rajiv Misra via videos, audios, books, this website and other information carriers.

The organization has a board which is formed by:

Chairman: Ms. M.A. Vegter         
Treasurer: Ms. C.A.M. de Wit 
Member of the Board: Ms. J.A.M. Overwater 

This is a non profit organization and the board receives no financial compensation in any way.

This is an ANBI organization and donations are tax-deductible in the Netherlands.

RSIN/Fiscal number in the Netherlands: 8153 18 509

KvK number (Chamber of Commerce): 50354205


The organization Satsang Spiritual Community (SSC) was founded in Seattle, WA, USA, by Nirmala Sedgwick.  On September 17, 2007, it became a USA  non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization.   

For information about making donations via the Satang Spiritual Community tax-exempt organization using PayPal, please contact Kema Nash, at:, or call 808-895-3674 (Hawaii time).